Classic TT 2019 Review - Rent or Buy

Добавлено 16 июн. 2020 г.

Isle of Man TT


The biggest classic motorcycle racing festival turned up the volume in 2019 to celebrate the unique history of the Isle of Man’s TT Mountain Course.

Over 37 miles, the course follows a sinuous route along public roads as it loops all the way around – and over – the picturesque Manx countryside.

Racing has taken place on these famous roads for over a century, and once a year the hills and valleys resound to the throb of classic engines.

The official review of the 2019 event includes highlights of all the races, ranging from 500cc GP replicas from the '50s and '60s through to "modern" 750cc superbikes from the 1990s.

Steve Hislop was a major focus of the festivities in 2019, as his incredible legacy was commemorated.

Whatever your favourite era this review will give you a treat for your eyes - and your ears - as the Isle of Man celebrates its rich racing history.

Get set for a nostalgia-laden trip back to the golden-era of motorcycle racing with the Isle of Man Classic TT Presented by Bennetts


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Classic TT 2019 Review - Rent or Buy


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